Friday, 27 May 2011

Last Day Of School !

So its that time of year when the final day of school has come around! Today consisted of being late for lessons... playing twister in a library .... and annoying the hell out of people.... I have just come straight from the pub! its now 19:40 and I have been drinking since 13:00... so yes I am pretty drunk!

The teachers in my school thought it would be a good idea to follow us all to the pub and so we all ended up getting a round off out legendary teachers!

One of our mates tried to down 3 pints of guiness in 25 seconds....

he managed 2 and a half in about 10 seconds! .... seriously difficult.....

the other half of the pint was quickly thrown onto the table while he stumbled off to throw up the 2 and a half he had just downed plus his lunch......

The spelling mistakes in this post have hopefully been kept to a minimum! the fact I am also eating omlette and chips from the chippy doesnt help!

If you have left school, what was your last day like?? have any crazy things happen?


  1. Haha, I know exactly how you feel and how the pub was. Me and my friends used to do that every day (sans the teachers).

    My last days of school are always a party, of some sort. Gotta have a good time.

  2. can't wait for my last day of school, one year left

  3. My last of school was pretty boring, nobody was willing to party, have to wait till the weekend.

  4. Jeez. Still have, like, three weeks.

  5. It wasn't school, it was college! EERRRHHHHHHH

  6. Glad you enjoyed your last day of school and good luck with Uni. I've still got one more year left!

  7. Gratz and let the good times roll ;)

  8. sounds brilliant wish I had been able to do this for my last day