Monday, 27 June 2011

Awesome start to summer.

What a weekend.

To say the least it has been amazing and crazy.

It started on thursday night, we went for a meal in a local pub and then had a laugh in a new friends flat.

The following day there was a party in the same flat. I decided to get a bottle of Sambuca, which if you have never tried.. and like aniseed.. is well worth having a try of!

When I arrived no one else had any drinks, So I ended up being the mule to go to the shop and look extra dodgy buying a pack of fags, about 20 cans of energy drink .. and also asking for the biggest bottle of vodka the shop had.

Things started slowly with a challenge on fifa ...08 but soon picked up.

I decided it would be a good idea after a couple of cans to attempt something new. image link

YES. Flaming sambuca.. I shiftily asked for two glasses and a lighter from my friend who owns the flat.. to which he handed them over in a bit of a puzzle.
I walked into the kitchen and set the shot ablaze. It went well and so I ended up making shots for a ton of people.

The night went on and pretty much all had a laugh... me and two of the others ended up in a taxi home at 5 AM ..

such a brilliant night.

Saturday I slept till about 1 PM due to my early return home.. and then we had yet another party! this time a friends 18th in a local venue, was a fun night and another great party :)

Sunday consisted of work... much to my annoyance as they messed up my hours and holidays and so im now supposed to be working this weekend when I told them I would be at my school prom on friday and in another country by sunday ... so yeah.... nice one haha.

After work. REVISION for my final exam :D which I had today and it seemed to go really well!

SO I am officially FREE :D and so will be partying like crazy. Went to Liverpool straight after the exam with some legends and ended up in Pizza hut sharing a 14" pizza and nachos which killed me.

Tonight will consist of a party at our friends house... whos parents have gona away for the week and so therefore we have been invited to his house every day this week. Already a brilliant start to what seems to be a fantastic summer :D

Thursday, 23 June 2011

One More Exam Till FREEDOM!

So this has been a intense week. By intense.. I mean.. borderline loss of sanity intense.

I had 5 exams crammed into 4 short days which has been, in all honesty, HELL.

These exams included my latest maths module Core 4, I came out of the exam worried that I had bombed out on this exam and failed at an epic level. I had a browse through The Student Room forums and it turns out that I didn't do half bad!

Physics latest module was Tuesday and that actually was a nightmare. I crammed a whole years worth of notes and books in one night and thought I had pulled it off. I came out the exam feeling confident.

This is possibly one of the worst feelings when coming out of an exam, although you don't stress about it because you think you have done well.. the reality of it is that you actually may not have done so well.

I again decided to look through student forums at the results and my heart sank as read answers off. I really hope the grade boundaries are changed and there was also a fault on the paper. One of many of this years exams to contain a fault.

The question was given in centimetres although in the diagram of the question the same measurement was given in metres. Surely they can mark one right and the other wrong when it was the exam boards fault!?! If I lose marks for it then I think heads will roll.

Yesterday was Further Pure Mathematics 1st module, this was a resit from last year and I should have completely flattened that paper. With having time to learn it all again and sort out the kinks from the last paper I was able to finish the paper with plenty of time to spare and check everything thoroughly!!

Also on Tuesday was General Studies, it is a compulsory subject in my school and it feels pointless, it is good in a way as it can give people extra points towards university, but the lessons for the subject involve sitting around talking or watching documentaries on subjects that may not even be tested! The exam is random and you cant predict the questions on the paper and so have to hope that you have some knowledge on the topic! It was a 2 hour exam and my longest one. With being involved in all the number subjects I don't have much time to write and practise essay skills... this is a major disadvantage to those who take English for example! But I will just have to wait for the results in August to see how it went!

And today .. was THE hardest exam I have ever taken. Further Maths Pure 2nd Module. Those words have been haunting me all year and today's exam has gone as expected! I was expecting a crazy hard exam, and that's what I was given. I managed to get through the whole paper giving working out and calculation steps and the occasional answer so hopefully have passed the paper!

But on the bright side..


3 down.... just Physics left, but at least I have the weekend to nerd up on it! and a party Friday and Saturday! should be fun.

Going to need a few of these things. ( image from )

We leave for Bulgaria a week on Monday too! so I have a crazy schedule over the next few weeks

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Dear my faithful followers, and more than welcome newcomers,

With the pressure of exams really hitting me hard. Also the realisation that I have 5 exams in 4 days next week. I have decided to hang up the gloves, or my mouse and keyboard as it may be, and stop with the blogging.

Dont worry it will only be for a week or two, by which time I will have plenty of stories and fun things to post up. So in the long run I am doing my faithful followers a favour instead of drawling on pointlessly about nothing.

I have my school prom shortly after the end of my exams and then from there it's all about our lads holiday in Bulgaria!

Should be a laugh with nearly 20 of us going, hopefully we all return in one piece! touch wood.

image from

I will probably have the rime after the exams to pop another post or two on, but that's just a maybe!

I will see what I can do for you.

See you all soon



Monday, 13 June 2011

Four exams down, 8 to go!

So i havent been posting a lot lately due to the sheer workload I have which is revising for my twelve exams!

image used from

So far I have taken:

Core 2 Maths which seemed like it went very well. Feeling pretty confident for that which is good

Statistics 2 Maths which went better than I thought it would! I wasnt very confident going into the exam but I think that also went pretty well

Electrons, Waves and Photons Physics paper which again seemed great!

And just today I took the Mechanics 2 Maths exam... and yes.. that also went great too! I know I have messed up on one question which I am kicking myself about, but if I have done as well as I think on the rest of the paper I should have a nice A grade to add to my Further Maths A level !

That A will be needed if I hope to attain a good grade in Further Maths overall due to the sheer difficulty of the Further Pure 2 Module.

A Module that I despise and wish would just go away... and leave me a nice A .... instead of a fail which I am rather scared about getting.

Sorry about this post, not the most enthralling of posts, but its something to keep you occupied during my time revising!

My exams finish on the 27th and I plan to go on a party spree when that date arrives!

Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Social Network!

Its been out for a good while and my friend got it on blu ray and invited me over today.

So after our revision sessions in school we decided to go round and watch it, and I have to say it was a lot better than I thought it would be!

The idea of facebook or thefacebook as it was originally called was such a simple one but was massive.

It still seems odd to me though that it managed to beat the giant at the time of Myspace but I think it was to do with, as described in the film, exclusive side of facebook.

Originally it was only intended for students at Harvard University and then rapidly expanded to universities across the globe. The story of its creation and the controversy behind the idea supposedly being stolen from some other Harvard students makes it all the better for the film which has been directed well in my opinion.

It makes you think how a simple idea can generate so much money and power so quickly, obviously I dont know any coding or databasing and and couldnt do it myself but the idea of a social network site seems so simple.

Overall though I was pretty impressed with the film and think it is worth a watch!
Sorry for the lack of posts I'm in my exams and really shouldnt be on here! but hey, I have just come back from this weeks pub quiz .. so why not hey!..

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The random things that can get you traffic!

So heres my most random bit of traffic, some body had searched the keyword.. gorilla suit.. and my blog popped up!

Go to your blog dashboard and go to the stats tab, see what your most random search is and leave it as a comment!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Someone once asked me! "Whats so great about these Morphsuits!?"

Let me answer that by firstly saying... I was in the pub last night .. and what wonders in.... 6 guys all in different coloured morphsuits just like we are planning!!

The whole pub turned and laughed, they were the topic of conversation for a good while... and then the pub quiz started so everyones excitment and confusion died down...

But thats the point of morphsuits! they are a laugh, they are fun to be in because you are the centre of attention! you wouldnt get anyone into a morphsuit... if you like to socialize and be the centre of attention then they are brilliant!

If you have the balls to wear one but tend not to socialise ... then you probably wont have much of a laugh! but having the balls to wear usually means you are the sociable type!

You can do all sorts! What ever you would do as an activity normally you can most probably do it in a morphsuit too.

A popular one is morphsuits and bocking as seen in this video, along with other random things!

And this guys just showing off strength in this video..

I did not make either of the videos I found them on youtube!
But hey! its all about the fun with morphsuits.

Do you understand how awesome these suits are now? :D