Saturday, 22 October 2011

The University Life!


This is the only way I can even attempt to describe the life I am now leading.

It is crazy.

Parties all the time, great music, great people, cheap drinks, amazing city. There is almost no time to sleep with the amount of things to do here in Liverpool.

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to my friends in Nottingham and Derby. That was a brilliant weekend. I went to a club in Derby called The Blue Note which was a good night out with my friend and his university corridor. It seems odd to know people all over the country who now all have a complete new set of friends and have settled into new areas, when all but a month or two ago you were all sitting in a room watching films talking about how strange it will be to not be at home. The day after I was in Derby I went to Nottingham to go and see another friend and also to go and see Nero playing in Rock City Nottingham. Again this was an amazing night opened up by Skream who played some crazy dubstep mixes and got the crowd going wild.

Last week I went to see Ben Ufo & Blawan playing in The Shipping Forecast which is an amazing club tucked in the heart of your classic mainstream clubs. It has a really nice bar upstairs with a really chilled out crowd. You go down the stone staircase to the area where all the main DJs play and you enter a whole new world. This is not your standard club. The basement is only a small room but combined with the sound system they have set up down there it is simply amazing. The show was fantastic with quite a housey sounding set by Ben Ufo, everyone in the crowd went crazy for it.

Image taken by Matthew Ball

The day after Ben Ufo & Blawan I went to see Modeselektor, 2manydj's and D/R/U/G/S in a place called The Masque. That night was crazy. The bass just seemed to get louder and louder and the crowd crazier and crazier for the music.

I had never heard of Modeselektor till the night and they were a LOT different to what I was expecting. They played before 2manydj's and it was probably one of the strangest sets I have seen. The amount of strobe light mixed with the borderline demonic sounds that were being thrown out of their speakers made it a really trippy experience.

2manydj's followed this odd but brilliant set with some crazy songs and remixes. If you ever have the chance to go and see them. DO IT. They will blow your mind. There was a crazy amount of people crammed into the same room, all bouncing.

image taken from

Tonight I am going to see Erol ALkan, Hudson Mohawke, Dj Yoda, Lvis1990 and CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix with a few friends from the college I am currently in, there would be more but one has decided to go see friends in Leeds and the other has gone to see his girlfriend in Glasgow! another example of how spread across the country everyone is! Hopefully tonight will be as good as the others.

The only problem I have with going out tonight is that I am going rowing tomorrow with the university rowing team! Another thing I have done since I arrived!

Already I have had a few social nights with the team and they have been brilliant. Every sports team goes out on AU (Athletics Union) night dressed in a different fancy dress! The rowing teams fancy dress was Vikings this time around

The night was insane. By the end of it there were viking hats and axes ALL over the club we all went to and a mess of very, very drunk athletes everywhere. Probably one of the best nights out in Liverpool I have had so far!

The next social was cocktail night, this started at an exclusive gentlemans club hidden away in the main shopping area of Liverpool! I thought I knew the city like the back of my hand.. the shopping areas anyway... but it turns out this place had managed to go unseen until now! It was a rather posh place with huge painting on the walls, a massive private library and a lot of history.

Picture taken by Finn Mainstone of Mainstone Media

The night moved on and we went to the tequila bar (Cava) and then hit the clubs. The tequila bar being one of my favourite places in liverpool due to it having a ton of diffrent tequila flavours all only £1 a shot! a good start to any crazy night out.

So thats a VERY brief summary of the past week or so in university. Hopefully with many more crazy stories to come!