Thursday, 26 May 2011

First two exams over!

So after a hard night of revision... which I didnt really do much of!

I kicked off the start of the exams this morning by sitting 2 of my 12 to be taken over the next month, most people complain about sitting 2 or 3 exams... but hey what can you do!

I am pretty happy todays exams, they both didnt seem as bad as I thought they would be

Its the final push to get into university at the start of the new school year and so its vital I do well in all of these exams.

So now I can just kick back and chill out for a week or two until the next one!


  1. Congratulation!
    I know the stress, exam weeks are the worst..

  2. i also know it^^ in winter i will start studying and it will get me again.
    + follow

  3. I've had two exams aswell today! It sucks.