Thursday, 26 January 2012

The second term of University begins!

Happy New Years everyone, hope you all had a great holiday time and that 2012 is treating you well!

I am back at university after a month break for Christmas which was... to say the least ... crazy.

The run up to the holidays was none stop parties and nights out with either the rowing team, my university halls or friends from college! madness.

This is one of the tame nights out for one of the girls in our corridors birthday.
We went to Cafe Rouge in Liverpool One, great place!

It was amazing to see all my friends back at home, share and listen to each others stories from their universities across the country. Its surprising how much you can do in three months and how many people you can meet. Our first night back we got rather drunk..

Christmas day consisted of the standard dinner and family gathering which was nice as I also hadn't seen them in three months properly. After dinner I called my friends and we went to the local pub. We swiftly left as there was a huge bar fight.. glasses being smashed.. girls on top of each other on the floor.. guys swinging wildly at each other.. so the police charged in and we made our escape and went home!

We had no plans for new years until the day before new years eve, so it was pretty spontaneous.. but we all ended up going to a friends house party.. a house party than has many bad pictures and should not have been posted on facebook... all in all it was a brilliant night and the best way to start 2012, made even better by the fact it was spent with my closest friends.

The holidays swiftly came to an end and we all made our way back to our respective universities. It felt so strange to be going back into University halls.. spending a month living with family and quiet was nice. Coming back to a corridor of 20 people the same age as you in a building with 230 others of the same age is a little different! It took a day or two but I managed to settle in a lot quicker than I thought I would.

This was the start of exams.

Everybody came back and decided to get stuck into some revision. It was quite quiet for the first week due to peoples panic at the fact they had a month to revise and had done none.

Exams finish on the 27th for the entire university although most, like myself, are already finished. My last exam was monday and so I have been out every night. Monday night we went to The Blue Angel or as students call it... The Raz

The Raz as a place is, im going to be honest... terrible.. Its old .. its smelly.. its overcrowded. It costs £1.50 to get in and then for a pint of beer.. 90 pence.. It is crazy cheap! You go downstairs to where the DJ is set up and you feel like you have walked into a bat cave.. the horrible sweaty smell hits you and if you come late enough the floor will be covered in what has got to be known as "Raz Juice"... this disgusting juice will ruin any item of clothing/ pair of shoes as anything it touches just turns brown. Once it fills up the Raz is fantastic, you cant beat the student atmosphere thats created down there. If you are a student in Liverpool on a monday night.. the raz is the only place to be!

image taken from

Last night three of us went to Medication. Now.. Medication is probably the biggest and best student night in the whole of Liverpool.
It costs £6 for entry but it is worth every penny.
The place is HUGE. there is about 3000 students in there and its the best place to meet people, drinks are cheap and the atmosphere in the place is unreal. There is 3 main rooms in the place, The house/electro room, Chart room and R&B room.
just take a look at some of the pictures on the website and you will instantly see how good the place is!
Probably the best night out I have had since being back in Liverpool!

That leads me to today! Hungover, blogging, chatting to people across the world on skype and waiting to go get dinner!