Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Power of the Cup of Tea!

This is me putting on a dodgy face, completely intended, with the miracle that is a cup or rather in this case .. bucket of tea.

So last night I received a message saying.. "hey want to come for a drive?" so i thought... yeah why not!

So I got picked and the 5 of us headed off a decent way away to a place called thurstaston beach

Image from: http://www.hoylakerent.co.uk/images/Sallys.jpg

When we arrived it was much colder than I expected and so we only stayed for a short while, we could see the rain pouring in from Wales and decided to head off.. On the way we stopped to climbs thors rock for the fun of it.

Image from: http://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/resources/images/1109119/?type=display

We decided to leave after a while and the idea of going back to someones house was suggested, so we stopped off at the shop and picked up some beer and vodka!

It got later and later and eventually we realised that it was light outside and that it was morning.. we had pulled an all nighter without intending to.

A cup of tea was in order and so now, not having slept since sunday night, I am currently being fueled by nothing more than cups of tea... a banana I had a 12.. and a pretty boring plain omelette I decided to throw together... at least my dads doing a nice pasta for tea, should be tasty!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Morphing Outcome.

So yeah like I said in a previous post we all got our morph on and went to a party... well what actually happened...

We arrived at the party to see who was there... which turns out like my mates whole family of about 40 people plus all our school mates....

Ran upstairs and jumped in our suits and gear and all ran downstairs and outside where everyone was ... had a dance and ran for the trampoline for a bounce.... that turned out more of a brawl than a bounce due to how slippy the suits are!

Brilliant night.. I would tell anyone to get a morphsuit for the pure fun of it!

Dont ask about the ghillie suit ... our mates brother decided to join in... there was one of our mates in a gorilla suit at one point too!

Hopefully will have some more morph fun soon and I will post the pictures for everyone to laugh at!

How boring can working in a shop be?

The answer...


Just got home from a small 4 hour shift and wow was it boring.

Stacking books on shelves..

Serving the general public.. who by the way on a whole are generally not nice people..

Tidying magazines..

Filling a fridge back up with drinks...

Then just standing around printing and putting stickers on stuff, which was the best part of the day easily.

Being hastled by old people looking for random things like paper clips.
Also other people asking for directions to the closest internet cafe... which to be honest I dont even think exist where I live. Could be a good business idea.... Surely it cant be that hard to run an internet cafe.

Even the manager started talking about how he had watched the original power rangers and it was the best part of his week...

Like everyone else in life all I would like is a job that I enjoy! but to be honest I dont even know what I would like to do. The thought of doing the same thing day in day out just makes it boring..

At least I can chill out, eat and sleep for the rest of the night!.. unless I decide to do some much needed revision...

Saturday, 28 May 2011

The morning after the last day of school..

Well that was a strange one! Starting drinking at 13:00 is not a good idea....

I went home to have some food at about 19:00 then nearly fell asleep... then proceeded to go out to a party.

Got to the party and had a good laugh whilst trying to sober and liven up.. then was dragged out by a friend to walk back and get her ID and money from her friends house... It started raining.... got to the house.... there was nobody home and so we where stuck with a couple of quid ... the rain and no party!

We decided to get a taxi back to the party with the last of our money and ended up staying till we where thrown out..

As we got thrown out of the party.... it started to rain again... and we had to drag a drunken friend out who was pretty wasted and shouting all sorts of slurred jibberish.

We had no money and the girl who was wasted was in no state to get a taxi back.. so we had to walk in the rain which proved difficult as we had to literally drag her along the promenade to her house which had already previously visited that night.

As we got half was back which had taken the most part of an hour some cray psychopath was riding their bike screaming abuse at the top of their voice towards us... so as you do.. we managed to get the drunken girl to hurry the hell up and got home as quick as we could... safe from any psychopaths and freaks.

Got a taxi back with the girl who had finally got her stuff from her drunken friends house... walked home from hers then fell asleep .. dead

And now today I have to go to work... and then have another party after work! wish me luck

Anyone got any crazy party stories? leave me a comment with them !

Friday, 27 May 2011

Last Day Of School !

So its that time of year when the final day of school has come around! Today consisted of being late for lessons... playing twister in a library .... and annoying the hell out of people.... I have just come straight from the pub! its now 19:40 and I have been drinking since 13:00... so yes I am pretty drunk!

The teachers in my school thought it would be a good idea to follow us all to the pub and so we all ended up getting a round off out legendary teachers!

One of our mates tried to down 3 pints of guiness in 25 seconds....

he managed 2 and a half in about 10 seconds! .... seriously difficult.....

the other half of the pint was quickly thrown onto the table while he stumbled off to throw up the 2 and a half he had just downed plus his lunch......

The spelling mistakes in this post have hopefully been kept to a minimum! the fact I am also eating omlette and chips from the chippy doesnt help!

If you have left school, what was your last day like?? have any crazy things happen?

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Being a mad bastard.

So basically if you look at my ebay recently bought list I may look like a bit of a dodgy fetish freak....

This is one thing.

But theres also...

You may ask... What the hell are you doing...

But the answer is simple.. IM BEING A MORPH!

If you havent seen these suits before ... where have you been all your life? These suits are amazing for parties and just generally having a good laugh. 5 of my friends recently bought them too all in different colours so when we go on our lads holiday we can go clubbing as morphs.

Should be a giggle! what do you think?

For those of you who love portal !

Did this video a month or two ago and so my volume levels and mic are a bit dodgy but hey!

Its not the talking thats important if you are interested in this video!

Yes its a portal poster desktop theme with working links and various other features!
I did not create the person who did can be found over on deviantart.com all the information is in the video description on youtube.

I am still using this theme and think its brlliant! very simple to install and use!

First two exams over!

So after a hard night of revision... which I didnt really do much of!

I kicked off the start of the exams this morning by sitting 2 of my 12 to be taken over the next month, most people complain about sitting 2 or 3 exams... but hey what can you do!

I am pretty happy todays exams, they both didnt seem as bad as I thought they would be

Its the final push to get into university at the start of the new school year and so its vital I do well in all of these exams.

So now I can just kick back and chill out for a week or two until the next one!

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Portal 2 and Steams potato sack skin scandal!

So basically I thought I would take a break from a quick revision session to post up one of my videos about portal 2!

Steam promised an extra skin for co-op players if they bought the potato sack and preordered portal 2.... but did they deliver?

sadly ... the answer is still no.

I am back!

So yeah I only just realised I had a blogger after attempting to log in after browsing random blogs!

Thought I would use it for the reason I intended to .... two years ago... and blog!

But at the moment with it being the night before two of the most important exams of my life.... my A levels .... I really think I should keep it short and sweet!

I have two exams at 9 am in the morning and so have to be confined to a small room for three hours. not fun.

But hey after tomorrow it will be 2 of 12 exams completed!