Saturday, 28 May 2011

The morning after the last day of school..

Well that was a strange one! Starting drinking at 13:00 is not a good idea....

I went home to have some food at about 19:00 then nearly fell asleep... then proceeded to go out to a party.

Got to the party and had a good laugh whilst trying to sober and liven up.. then was dragged out by a friend to walk back and get her ID and money from her friends house... It started raining.... got to the house.... there was nobody home and so we where stuck with a couple of quid ... the rain and no party!

We decided to get a taxi back to the party with the last of our money and ended up staying till we where thrown out..

As we got thrown out of the party.... it started to rain again... and we had to drag a drunken friend out who was pretty wasted and shouting all sorts of slurred jibberish.

We had no money and the girl who was wasted was in no state to get a taxi back.. so we had to walk in the rain which proved difficult as we had to literally drag her along the promenade to her house which had already previously visited that night.

As we got half was back which had taken the most part of an hour some cray psychopath was riding their bike screaming abuse at the top of their voice towards us... so as you do.. we managed to get the drunken girl to hurry the hell up and got home as quick as we could... safe from any psychopaths and freaks.

Got a taxi back with the girl who had finally got her stuff from her drunken friends house... walked home from hers then fell asleep .. dead

And now today I have to go to work... and then have another party after work! wish me luck

Anyone got any crazy party stories? leave me a comment with them !


  1. what's there in the picture? rain?

  2. lol that sounds like fun >.> xD

    nice pic btw =D

  3. @Pool Fool, I think that's tree leaves.

  4. oh man sucks that you had to go to work the next day!

  5. Dragging drunk friends out of clubs....classic!

    But yeah, I've hauled friends away from punching cops/bouncers before. Some of my friends get real greasy when they're drunk.

  6. Good bit of a fun. We released locusts into school on our last day aha.

  7. I'M PRETTY DRUNK TONIGHT. Went to the fair and on all the rides whilst pissed haha. Followed dude

  8. Wow, congrats on finishing school!

  9. Lovely blog and post! keep up the great work!

  10. I can't tell my stories on a platform like blogger :o

  11. Sounds like an eventful night, similar to what I'm use to with my mates