Sunday, 29 May 2011

How boring can working in a shop be?

The answer...


Just got home from a small 4 hour shift and wow was it boring.

Stacking books on shelves..

Serving the general public.. who by the way on a whole are generally not nice people..

Tidying magazines..

Filling a fridge back up with drinks...

Then just standing around printing and putting stickers on stuff, which was the best part of the day easily.

Being hastled by old people looking for random things like paper clips.
Also other people asking for directions to the closest internet cafe... which to be honest I dont even think exist where I live. Could be a good business idea.... Surely it cant be that hard to run an internet cafe.

Even the manager started talking about how he had watched the original power rangers and it was the best part of his week...

Like everyone else in life all I would like is a job that I enjoy! but to be honest I dont even know what I would like to do. The thought of doing the same thing day in day out just makes it boring..

At least I can chill out, eat and sleep for the rest of the night!.. unless I decide to do some much needed revision...


  1. all those shop works are very hard

  2. ye well some jobs are boring.. but 4 hours is nothing.. 8 hours or more can suck ass

    btw like your blog

  3. My mom lives near a kid whos dad was a power ranger. serious.

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  5. Haha nice defiantly following and how did u get the page views widget with the graph it's neat?

  6. Keep it up!
    I needed 9 jobs to find the right one for me.

  7. Customer service jobs are my very least favorite jobs. Customers are rude as hell - they only have to spend a few minutes in the shop, while you're stuck there for eight hours (or however long).

    @Lizardmannnn Go to your design tab on your blog, then click on any 'add a widget' link. The view counter is in that list of stuff.