Thursday, 26 July 2012

What a year. part 1.

This is the first post i've put up in a long long time.
Me on the left taken in Malia with the lads in June. a crazy, crazy holiday that was 1000 times more mental than Sunny Beach Bulgaria last year!

Since the last post so many things have happened theres nowhere near enough room in a single post.

I went from digital to retro and took most of my blogging from public to private in the form of Moleskine journals, something I seem to manage to keep up rather than just attempting to poke at like this online blogging.. even though I spend most of my awake time in front of a computer screen! 

The second term of University was insane. Only followed by a crazy few weeks with my friends from home at easter and then that followed by my final term in my first year of University!

I am now £500 overdrawn in the bank, but in return had the best time of my life with enough memories to fill a library. The end of first year means saying goodbye to Carnatic Halls in Liverpool. The place i've grown to call my home over the year. With this means saying goodbye to everyone I have lived with too for a while.

C corridor 2011/2012 Carnatic Halls. I love you guys so much.
Student fest Liverpool. Such an insane night out in town.
Partying with some halls friends.
Student organised casino. The same night one of my close friends became a father to a little girl Ellie.
The night The Magnet had 80p drinks, 80p... we were slaughtered.
St Patricks Day looking like fools. That was just an extremely brief summary of the 2nd term at Uni, words cant even describe how amazing its been. Coming home and being with friends for easter and hearing all their experiences and having more crazy parties was just as amazing.
Outside one of Liverpools cathedrals.
visiting Alton Towers with the guys and girls back home. Managed to cram so much into so little time over easter with everyone. was great to see everyone again, being able to catch up and share experiences is something unique.
The opening of Central Perk Cafe in Liverpool.
managed another Alton Towers trip with uni a few weeks later!
more new friends and an underground rave in Liverpool's Shipping Forecast. Still one of my favourite places in Liverpool!
BBQ'ing with a friend from home who's in the same uni as me living just down the road from where I was :)
Just us being ninja turtles for a fancy dress birthday party :)
quite a few people showed up!
Loving the sun shine last few weeks of Uni.. had SOOO many BBQ's and drank so much beer it was crazy! around exam time too! scary stuff
Bennies Birthday! Big meal down at the albert docks with a ton of people, you can just see the Liver building poking up in the background.
With Ellen at the Smirnoff Party in Medication
see you next year guys, I'm going to miss you :) x

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