Thursday, 26 July 2012

What a year. part 3

Since the excitement of Malia and returning home.

I got my exam results and wiped the floor with them. I needed 40% to pass and ended up with 88% average!!

Finally on the path I wanted.

Reality decided to pop up and say hello.
The reality of being nearly £500 overdrawn has pushed me to getting a job!

Since I left W H Smith to go to university I attempted to get a job with the University to motivate me during the term but due to being in college every day of the week I physically couldn't work any shifts that were offered.. luckily the job was flexible and it wasn't too important that I actually worked for them.. I had one shift at the end of term showing primary school children around campus and sitting in a mock lecture to give them a taster of the university life.. something to be considered important in the younger stages of a child's education now.. so that they can aim to go to university.. even if they come from underprivileged backgrounds.. hopefully I will get some shifts next year with them as I should have a more flexible timetable!


I applied for a ton of jobs online and on the off chance found a facebook group for Revolution Vodka Bar hiring staff.. I was a little sceptical of a facebook group as I have friends that have applied through the official website recruitment process..

But .. I decided to go with a few friends also trying to get a job. I dressed smart in a shirt, black jeans, shoes and took a cv..

I walked in.. got interviewed and asked to attend a trial shift on the saturday! With being in university so locally job was perfect for me and it must have been good for the bar too.. my friends weren't as lucky as they are in university in Derby, Nottingham and Leeds.

I turned up on the Saturday, was handed my Revolution shirt and started glass collecting and glass washing.

I was working form 8 pm till the bar closed, followed by cleaning of the bar. I ended up getting home at 7 am but the shift went surprisingly quick and I was on the rota for the next week!

Since then I have had a total of 3 shifts and have one tonight and one tomorrow night!
Every single shift I've had so far has seemed faster than any 4 hour shift I ever had W H Smith and its easy to see how Revolution has been voted as one of the top 100 companies to work for.

The staff are all utter legends which makes everything all the more enjoyable.

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