Wednesday, 13 March 2013

University Life My Official First Year!

So after finishing my foundation year in Carmel college in St Helens with a pretty high average of 92% across  my exams, I finally reached my official first year at the University of Liverpool to study a degree in Physics.

I've already had my first eventful semester and as always, have met some incredible people, one of which includes my amazing flatmate and now also girlfriend Amy!

Monday night in the Raz one of Liverpools popular nights among students
First semester seemed to fly by and with juggling my bar job with Uni, even though it just being first year which most people seem to take with the laid back approach, I felt highly under pressure when it came to the January exam period.

With barely missing my grades to reach university and having to do the foundation year, it was like a relaxation and party year in which I had no worries about passing. I only needed to average 40% in the foundation exams to get to university and I pulled of 92%.. so it was almost as if I had a year free from the struggle of learning and being tested on new information!

I handed in my resignation for the bar I worked in effective the week after new years to buckle down and concentrate on exams. The week of new years being a very busy one with having to work new years eve then heading over to Ireland to visit Amy on the 2nd of January and coming back on the 4th of january to my final shift at Revolution on the 5th.

Chilling on a mini beach in Clough, Northern Ireland

A final shift at which I was cling filmed to a post... fed chilli vodka... and soaked in champagne.... Everyone had so much fun at that bar, so sad to leave, but university has to come before anything else!

The only picture I could find anywhere of my Suffering!

I had never felt so unprepared for exams in my entire life and these exams were going to be, and easily were, the hardest exams I have ever sat in my life. I felt pressured when I only had 3 exams, some people had 9 or even 10.. I would have gone absolutely insane..

The worst part of January exam time for me is the fact my birthday is smack bang in the middle of exams EVERY year, the 18th of January always seems to be placed right in the middle of a busy and horrible exam timetable.

It made turning 20 feel that little more worse, the fact I'm not a teenager any more and the fact I have reverted to calling myself twenteen to make myself feel better is horrible.

but results day has been and gone and it seems my worries of passing were for no reason, I passed each of my exams and have learnt from my first semester.

Working harder for semester 2 and all the knew modules has to be done since I no longer have a job and therefore money to distract me from studying!

Plus the fact that one of my modules is on Einstein's General relativity, it may need some work putting into it to make sure I know what's going on!

Cant believe how good this year has been already! Hopefully it continues like this

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