Saturday, 23 March 2013

The start of a longgggg easter

The start of a long boring easter began today with a trip to John Lennon Airport to drop my girlfriend Amy off, she was going home to Ireland for easter.

I am absolutely devastated to see her go. Wish I could of gone with her for the whole holiday.

Two whole weeks without her are going to be longgggg and boring.
I should hopefully be taking a trip over to Ireland for her cousins 21st birthday after two weeks, which will be great and I actually can't wait!

Yellow Submarine outside John Lennon Airport

We got a taxi to the airport which seemed to be the fastest half hour of my life. Its funny how the time seems to pass slower when you are bored and want it to hurry up. Much like the next two following weeks which will crawl!

It had been snowing for the past two days and so we checked her flight wasn't delayed, which sadly, it wasn't so I walked her to the departures gate. This was it, the moment I had been dreading for days, I had to let her go back to the land of leprechauns and Guinness.

I hopped on a bus outside the airport that drove into Liverpool and went to McDonalds for a burger to cheer me up. I had never taken advantage of the student deal in McDonalds of a free cheeseburger or McFlurry with any meal so decided to take up the opportunity.

I sat down with my deluxe quarter pounder with bacon meal and free cheese burger and peeled my monopoly stickers from my chips, burger and drink... WOO! free apple pie and fruit bag.

My friend Matt who I live with, and lived with last year, called and met me in McDonalds, we went for a pint and chilled out in town most of the day.

I got home later on and was surprised by an easter egg in my cupboard! Amy had managed to sneak in before we left. Kit Kat Peanut Butter. My favourite chocolate bar ever. What a babe.

Tasty Kit Kat egg with peanut butter white chocolate and milk Kit Kat Chunkys!

Until I head over to Ireland I have to crack on with university work for my upcoming exams.

My Astrophysics module is a pain but hopefully shouldn't be too bad to learn with a little work into telescope optics and imaging.

The second maths module of the year is a killer with one of the most boring, monotone and quiet lecturers I've had in my life making it impossible to concentrate and learn from them..

My module on waves is another one needing work with having missed a few lectures which is terrible.. Its important I do well in waves as the head of first year physics is the lecturer for it. He decides if you fail an exam whether or not you get to resit and retry for the module.

Failing a module also means you could fail the year and may need to resit.
Due to being a year behind by doing a foundation year already I can not afford to resit. The extra money needed would also be a killer due to probably pushing debts up by £6000.. Not something I want looming over me.

So with that work load, its going to be a busy time. Two lab reports to do by tomorrow, one on the attenuation of gamma rays and the other based of the moments of inertia of different shaped objects.

I also have a check up at the dentist coming up Monday, helping my mum and step dad clear a house on Tuesday and my sisters birthday being Wednesday too.

Somehow need to fit going to the gym into the week too as I haven't been in a long time and need to sort myself out!

Hopefully this first week will go relatively quickly with keeping busy and travelling backwards and forwards between my mums, dads and my flat in Liverpool.

Just going to have to concentrate on going to Ireland to get me through the work and weeks!

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