Thursday, 23 June 2011

One More Exam Till FREEDOM!

So this has been a intense week. By intense.. I mean.. borderline loss of sanity intense.

I had 5 exams crammed into 4 short days which has been, in all honesty, HELL.

These exams included my latest maths module Core 4, I came out of the exam worried that I had bombed out on this exam and failed at an epic level. I had a browse through The Student Room forums and it turns out that I didn't do half bad!

Physics latest module was Tuesday and that actually was a nightmare. I crammed a whole years worth of notes and books in one night and thought I had pulled it off. I came out the exam feeling confident.

This is possibly one of the worst feelings when coming out of an exam, although you don't stress about it because you think you have done well.. the reality of it is that you actually may not have done so well.

I again decided to look through student forums at the results and my heart sank as read answers off. I really hope the grade boundaries are changed and there was also a fault on the paper. One of many of this years exams to contain a fault.

The question was given in centimetres although in the diagram of the question the same measurement was given in metres. Surely they can mark one right and the other wrong when it was the exam boards fault!?! If I lose marks for it then I think heads will roll.

Yesterday was Further Pure Mathematics 1st module, this was a resit from last year and I should have completely flattened that paper. With having time to learn it all again and sort out the kinks from the last paper I was able to finish the paper with plenty of time to spare and check everything thoroughly!!

Also on Tuesday was General Studies, it is a compulsory subject in my school and it feels pointless, it is good in a way as it can give people extra points towards university, but the lessons for the subject involve sitting around talking or watching documentaries on subjects that may not even be tested! The exam is random and you cant predict the questions on the paper and so have to hope that you have some knowledge on the topic! It was a 2 hour exam and my longest one. With being involved in all the number subjects I don't have much time to write and practise essay skills... this is a major disadvantage to those who take English for example! But I will just have to wait for the results in August to see how it went!

And today .. was THE hardest exam I have ever taken. Further Maths Pure 2nd Module. Those words have been haunting me all year and today's exam has gone as expected! I was expecting a crazy hard exam, and that's what I was given. I managed to get through the whole paper giving working out and calculation steps and the occasional answer so hopefully have passed the paper!

But on the bright side..


3 down.... just Physics left, but at least I have the weekend to nerd up on it! and a party Friday and Saturday! should be fun.

Going to need a few of these things. ( image from )

We leave for Bulgaria a week on Monday too! so I have a crazy schedule over the next few weeks


  1. I hope everything turns out right, exams are a nightmare especially at my age and they still expect you to do them.

  2. It sure feels good when it's all done, though. Right?

  3. Man when you get done with those exams it's going to be a relief :D

  4. Good luck on your physics exam!

  5. although exams can be quite intense ive always preferred them to assignments. theres a certain amount of nerves involved but once it's over it's over

  6. So do i had the finals! but tomorrows is the last day so that mean PARTY!

  7. Sounds painful, atleast they're over now though!

  8. So much math! I can't stand math, so my hat's off to you for getting through such tough courses! Congrats, & keep it up!

  9. Nice man, must feel great being so close to finishing ;D

  10. That's awesome, I assume by now you're done? Keep us up to date!

  11. good luck that is all I have to say man....good luck

  12. Good luck for your last exam :>

  13. Goood luck. I don't do well under pressure.