Monday, 27 June 2011

Awesome start to summer.

What a weekend.

To say the least it has been amazing and crazy.

It started on thursday night, we went for a meal in a local pub and then had a laugh in a new friends flat.

The following day there was a party in the same flat. I decided to get a bottle of Sambuca, which if you have never tried.. and like aniseed.. is well worth having a try of!

When I arrived no one else had any drinks, So I ended up being the mule to go to the shop and look extra dodgy buying a pack of fags, about 20 cans of energy drink .. and also asking for the biggest bottle of vodka the shop had.

Things started slowly with a challenge on fifa ...08 but soon picked up.

I decided it would be a good idea after a couple of cans to attempt something new. image link

YES. Flaming sambuca.. I shiftily asked for two glasses and a lighter from my friend who owns the flat.. to which he handed them over in a bit of a puzzle.
I walked into the kitchen and set the shot ablaze. It went well and so I ended up making shots for a ton of people.

The night went on and pretty much all had a laugh... me and two of the others ended up in a taxi home at 5 AM ..

such a brilliant night.

Saturday I slept till about 1 PM due to my early return home.. and then we had yet another party! this time a friends 18th in a local venue, was a fun night and another great party :)

Sunday consisted of work... much to my annoyance as they messed up my hours and holidays and so im now supposed to be working this weekend when I told them I would be at my school prom on friday and in another country by sunday ... so yeah.... nice one haha.

After work. REVISION for my final exam :D which I had today and it seemed to go really well!

SO I am officially FREE :D and so will be partying like crazy. Went to Liverpool straight after the exam with some legends and ended up in Pizza hut sharing a 14" pizza and nachos which killed me.

Tonight will consist of a party at our friends house... whos parents have gona away for the week and so therefore we have been invited to his house every day this week. Already a brilliant start to what seems to be a fantastic summer :D


  1. Sounds like a damn good weekend.

  2. definitely sounds like a crazy time.

  3. sambucca eh? i just lost al respect for you :P

    next time dink a MAN's drink!

  4. Im not drinking alcohol, but I like the smell of Sambuca :)

  5. Woaahh that looks cool, is it good ??

  6. Sambuca... the mere thought of that stuff brings back terrible memories and makes me want to chunder; glad you're enjoying your holidays though;D

  7. Oh god, I've seen so many of those flaming shots gone wrong!

  8. 'pack of fags'
    haha oh wait youre probably british

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